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84 Years of Specialised Welding and Repairs

Mobile Welding Services Sussex

Mobile Welding Services Sussex

Blaker (Specialised Welding Repairs) Ltd offer mobile welding solutions to Sussex and the surrounding area. Trading since 1932 and with over 85 years experience in the welding profession, Blaker (Specialised Welding Repairs) Ltd provide a high quality, guaranteed mobile welding service for domestic, commercial and industrial projects.

Delivering onsite welding services, ideal for large parts that would be difficult to transport, or need a quick repair to reduce your down time with mobile welding, on site welding fabrications, steel repairs and maintenance repairs

We are able to attend all types of welding repairs for Ship, Agricultural, large machines and heavy haulage repairs on sites

Welding / Mobile Welding for the Commercial Sector

  • Steel structural welding
  • On-site fabrications and commerical buildings
  • Bespoke balconies supplied and fitted and repair work carried out

Utility and Environmental Services

  • Repairs to water control and flood protection systems

Welding / Mobile Welding for the Domestic/Public Sectors

  • Vehicle repairs and modifications including (but not limited to) Cars, Vans, Lorries, Boats and Light Aircraft in the Sussex area
  • Garden furniture, Gates, Railings, Fences
  • Support Steel work for Dormers, Barns or Outbuildings
  • MOT Welding

Railings and Fence Repair Work

Blaker (Specialised Welding Repairs) Ltd have over 85 years experience in the repair and welding of all types of railings, gates and fences.

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